manchester modernist society

in the city


We want to explore the extraordinary story of the 20th century in the broadest possible sense, especially its everyday vernacular landscape, start conversations, bring people together, raise awareness and perhaps even make the occasional difference – but most of all, get out there and enjoy ourselves in it.


We dedicate ourselves to the bold, beautiful, brutal and sometimes beleaguered architecture of the 20th century.


in the arts


We like to work as partners with artists, designers, architects, geographers and historians to highlight the delights of our 20th century city.


We commission artists, photgraphers and writers and often work together with Art & Design Schools.


Sometimes we just enjoy a little mischief are just a few of our activities.


in print


And for those who don't find themselves tramping around our neighbourhood, we've gathered together a band of dilletantes and experts alike to produce a host of beautifully designed and printed matter to engage and thrill all budding modernists.


From our quarterly modernist magazine to a whole bunch of post-cards, pamphlets and maps... why...because we love paper and we love print!



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